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We specialize in 100% recycled plastic outdoor furniture, patio furniture and garden furniture, and we offer quality and long lasting reliable plastic products you can count on. Recycled Plastic Timber wood has many benefits. Despite costing more than the equivalent wooden products, the cost saving over the years are more than the offsets of the initial cost. Reduced Carbon Footprint.

Products look like wood but are fully Eco friendly, maintenance free, weather and insect resistant and last for more than 60 years Children's furniture, Cafe Furniture, Patio Furniture, Canteen Furniture, Bar Furniture, Garden Furniture, Jungle gyms, Park Benches, Picnic tables, School Benches, Pool loungers, Dustbins, Compost bins, Bollards, Fencing, Bridges, Decks, Walkways, Plastic Decking, Plastic Planks, Pallets, Memorial Benches and many more.

Energy Conservation Recycling plastics uses much less energy and natural resources such as water and petroleum than producing virgin plastics. Saves landfill space. Recyclable Most recycled plastics can be recycled again, several times, thus keeping more plastic away from the waste stream.

Rainbow Plastics


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